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VSRT(Virtual Sound Redirection Technology)

Virtual Sound Redirection Technology꽓 (VSRT꽓) is a new technology from SIMS Corporation. VSRT꽓 was created to route audio signals between Audio Stream Input / Output (ASIO) and the Windows Driver Model (WDM), while at the same time giving mixing balance control. The WDM driver is used for audio applications in Windows ASIO is used for pro-audio applications. VSRT꽓 is the bridge technology that crosses ASIO and WDM's signal paths, enabling you to use both technologies in a single WDM driver application.
VSRT꽓 allows recording in your WDM application from an ASIO audio signal out. VSRT꽓 also allows background music-such as MP3s-to be simultaneously recorded into the WDM application from ASIO. The ASIO signal is processed by Virtual Studio Technology (VST) plug-ins with VSRT꽓 routing technology. The voice signal is processed by VST.

The Following picture shows the general audio driver path. ASIO and WDM are operated by each independent audio driver IO, adn are also required by each audio application per driver type.
VSRT꽓 is a new approach to routing such independent driver poerations.
VSRT switches WDM voice input "off" and the ASIO out (processed by the VST plug-in) goes directly to ghe speaker. At the same time, the ASIO autput goes to the WDM input so that the processed voice is recorded in the WDM application.



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