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Name Murat Göktas
Date 11-02-2011 (Fri)
category M49
Serial No SM1822K00231
Brand Germany
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m49 dont work with macbook 15" pro under mac os 10.6.4
Hello people,
my m49 usb midi keyboard is not detected on my macbook pro 15 " midi setup.
when I connect my m49 on my macbook 13" it is detected.
both laptops are running with the same OS 10.6.4.

I need urgently a driver making it on the MacBook Pro running, otherwise I can not do anything with the device.

thanks in advance
name icon Balint
2011-03-23 08:03
Dear Murat,

Have you received our e-mail? Please find it below for your reference:

Thank you for contacting us and for purchasing our product.
I’m sorry for the inconvenience. I’ve tried to collect all the possible steps that can help to make your M49 work as it was intended to.
1) Make sure that no USB 1.x device is connected to the same USB hub with M49. (In some motherboards USB ports are linked together by twos.)
2) Try all the USB ports, sometimes there can be differences between the ports. For instance, the keyboard is connected to an internal USB port on some MacBooks and its pair can have decreased performance.
3) Certainly try to avoid any external USB hubs until M49 is not working directly connected.
4) Some USB ports can’t provide sufficient power as defined by the USB standards, so it is possible that it will work only with an external DC power adapter.
I hope the above helps. I'm looking forward to your feedback and I shall be pleased to provide further assistance if it is required.
Thank you for allowing us to be of service to you.

Best Regards,
SIMS Corp.







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