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Name flame007
Date 25-09-2016 (Sun)
category Quartet
Link#1 20160925_010434.jpg (Down:97)
Serial No smc080501082
Brand Infrasonic
Model Quartet
Country Ukraine
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Have a trouble, some parts is burn.

Sorry but have some trouble with the card Quartet,she is burn on some parts, maybe its my fault. I use out 1/2 and 3/4 in ballanced mode. I don`t have local support, and will be take repair on my hands and own responsibility. Card has been work great for years and I like it. I need back card to life.

Please help me. I can`t recognize some parts for resoldering:
1 TR37 (smd marked like: 1p- it really have analog?: MMBT2222 in SOT23 package)
2 TR35 (smd marked like: 2f- there another story, if symbol "-" has not a marking of manufacture and be part of smd marker, analog maybe BC850BW in another case if symbol"-" has a brandmarking, analog will be MMBT2907A in SOT23 package from Fairchild Semi. too)
3 R270 (smd marked like: 01X must be resistor 10 ohm in 0603 type)

Tell me please, all part what I`m find is true analog for burned parts. Thanks.







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