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Name Carlo
Date 10-09-2017 (Sun)
category UFO
Link#1 watch?v=d_0pBAUV0UY (Down:143)
Serial No SMC070401100
Brand Infrasonic
Model Blow 5D
Country Germany
ㆍvote: 0  ㆍhit: 1181      
Blow 5D Cutoff
Dear Sir or Madam,

i have the Blow 5D speakers now for some years and i am very satsfied.
(Sorry that its the wrong ticket category, but i didnt find the speakers category)

until 1 year they behave strange after turning on (and sometimes again while using).
Because it is a bit hard to describe for me, i added a video where you can see that the membrane is pulled back for a second and then "pops" out with a more or less loud "pop" sound and the "infrasonic" lamb turns red. After that, they are silent for a few seconds and then turn on again.


i changed the cables and position of everything trying to eliminate disturbances, but it didnt help.
they are connected with special good quality COAX-cables.

do you now that problem, and do you know if it is possible to repair?

Greetings from Germany,







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