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Name samila
Date 03-09-2011 (Sat)
category Quartet
Serial No SMT070600016
Country Iran
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Recording with cubase SX
first of all thanks for your support.
i have a quartet sound card, it's good but i have a problem when i want to recording my guitar line contemporary when drum line is playing in cubase SX.first i add the midi track because of my VST drum machine(toontrack EZdrummer) ,it's ok ,i hear the sound of drum and...after this i add the new audio track for recording my guitar but when i push the record button and play guitar do not record any sound and line is still blank.please help me if i would customize my quartet "free mixer" or cubase sound section setting to solve this problem.

with best regards

name icon Admin
2011-09-06 10:39
Dear Samila,

Thank you for contacting us.
Guitar input is HW IN 3/4, which is routed to ASIO IN 3/4 by default. Please enable ASIO inputs 3/4 in Cubase and select them for recording. Alternatively you can route HW IN 3/4 to ASIO IN 1/2 in FREE MIXER, if you prefer that option. It's really only up to personal preferences.
The updated new manual will be available soon for your convenience.
I hope this helps. I shall be pleased to provide further assistance if it is required.
Thank you for allowing us to be of service to you.

Best Regards,
SIMS Corp.
name icon samila
2011-09-08 01:51
thanks for your guidance and it's ok...







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