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Name Din
Date 25-11-2010 (Thu)
category Windy6
Serial No SMK890200097
Brand Russia
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Windy6, sometimes sound disappears

My specs are (I have got a notebook):
CPU: Intel Core i7
OS: Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit
Windy6 Firmware: 7962 (the latest one from this site)
Windy6 Driver: 4.6.0 (the latest one from this site)
Device is connected to my notebook via FireWire with the 4-pins connector, so I also use an external power for the device.

I have a strange problem with my Windy6 device. When I connect it and turn it on, everything is ok. Windows 7 can recognize the device and shows all I/O in the "Playback devices" section. But when I start to play (after some time, usually 60 seconds or 90 seconds) some audio (music from various sources: Winamp, web, videos and so forth), the sound becomes dirty, like after the bit reduction filter with a lot of high frequencies. After 3 or 4 seconds I can hear nothing. The sound is still playing as I can see in the Windows 7's mixer, but I can hear nothing. I can reconnect my device and it will sound for the next 60-90 seconds and sound will disappear again. It always disappears. I've tried to reinstall drivers, but with no luck. I've tried to disable internal audio, but that also didn't help. 

Such behavior was also noticed by me on my old notebook with 32-bit Windows. But it was much more rarely than in my current OS.

What's wrong? Maybe a driver error? I cannot work with Windy6 because of that. Do you plan to update your driver software to provide a better work of the device under the 64-bit systems? 

Thanks in advance.







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