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Name Billy Maerker
Date 17-08-2015 (Mon)
category Quartet
Link#1 Screenshot-Audio-Settings.jpg.html (Down:107)
Serial No IQM101105005
Model Infrasonic Quartett
Country Germany
E-mail streamtest@mailbox.o
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random crackle
The problem is as follows, every two days there is a unpleasant crackle (sounds like bitcrusher). My Speakers are fine (double checked it). A temporary solution to the problem is (arbitrarily) changing sample rate or buffer size in the quartet menu. However a few  days later the crackle returns. I checked the Windows 7 audio settings, it coincides with the quartet settings. It seems like there is no proper value concerning sample rate or buffer size that can fix this.
Usually my settings are 44.1 Khz and 16 Bit. Driver is up to date: Version 1.24.10.
In Ableton my settings might differ, however even if Ableton is not running the problem arises. Here is a link to a screenshot of my settings:

This problem impedes my professional workflow, and it takes the fun out of it.
Unfortunately other customers experience similar problems (as you can read in your own support forum. By the way, this ticket support stuff of yours is kind of cumbersome. After pressing the confirm and send button, I was told (in Korean) that something went wrong. This happend 3 times.
Please don't make me switch to focusrite. It's tempting though.

Kind regards,
name icon Boris8
2015-09-20 14:47
Hi Billy ! У меня была такая же проблема, решилась она так: 1) ты должен сделать звуковую карту хостом по синхронизации Sample Rate, по дефолту хостом является Windows.
name icon Billy
2015-09-24 01:06
《Re》Boris8 님 ,
Hey Boris, thx for your message. Could you guide me through this sync process?
(pleeeease in english :)
What settings do I have to change in Windows 7? Thanks man...

The Infrasonic company apparently doesn't care -- weid team.
name icon Dadra
2015-11-07 21:38
《Re》Boris8 님 ,
Спасибо за идею! Можешь поподробнее объяснить, как это делать? Я и у себя исправлю, и товарищу англоязычному твою инструкцию переведу.







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