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Name Leandro Alsina
Date 28-09-2015 (Mon)
category Quartet
Serial No QTC13B0117BLK
Country Argentina
E-mail alsinaleandro@yahoo.
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Quartet makes noises like clicks and pops in output
After a couple hours of boot and start win7, Quartet start making awful noises likes clicks in music reproduction. After rebooting the computer, music plays fine, but within the hours of time those awful noises come back., do not know what to do. Tried changing sample rate, but was helpless. Please help, I can't use the system in this state. If you don't help I'll have to switch to another sound care, and never will purchase another Infrasonic product and I will become a public detractor of your products.

My system is:

OS Windows 7 Ultimate x64
Motherboard Intel DH55HC
CPU Intel Core i5 650 @ 3.2GHz
8GB Memory

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my e-mail is
name icon ops
2015-10-01 01:35
I had the same problem with drivers 1.25.04.
Try installing the driver version 1.23.07, it solved the problem for me
(though 1.23.07 driver turned out to be incompatible with Reaper 5 - so i also hope that guys in Infrasonic sort this thing out)
name icon LeandroAlsina
2015-10-01 04:37
thanks for advice ops, i'll follow it. Also tried changing the card to different slots in the motherboard.
name icon ops
2015-12-22 02:54
《Re》LeandroAlsina 님 ,
did swapping to different slot help you?
name icon awak
2016-01-07 05:18
Try to set up your win7 sound mixer and programms with asio drivers. I had random crackels in cubase5. when i turned off Multi Processing in Device Setup -> VST Audio System - crackels disappeard and now it sounds good. Also check bios settings.
name icon MichaelB.
2016-01-21 10:43
This is an old well known issue since 2011. So many users have this problem. And the drivers have seen no updates since 2013. There were several new updates released after the first user reported this issue the first time. But this issue still is present. now we have Windows 10. And there's no new driver version since 2013 and the latest supported Windows version is WIN 7. No Drivers for Win 8 and 10. We still have to use the old outdated Win7 drivers on Win 8 and 10. And they're full of heavy bugs. Please fire your semi professional programmers and egage some new which know what they do to program good drivers without bugs. It's time to releas new real working drivers, or we all your customers have to leave you and have to buy new interfaces from other manufacturers...
name icon Jason
2016-12-28 18:56
《Re》MichaelB. 님 ,
Me too, Michael. I can't use Windows 10 normally - when I open Panel and pick latency from 128 (default) to 256, it start buzzing until restart. If Infrasonic don't care about us, I should find another brand. Shame on you, Infrasonic!







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