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Name Michel
Date 08-11-2011 (Tue)
category M49
Serial No SM2010K1160
Brand Infrasonic
Model M49
Country Spain
E-mail villa-oniria@hotmail
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Update of firmware
I just bought and set up everything on my Vaio laptop. The trouble is that it is completely impossible to use the software provided by your support
 department . Every time I got and get Time out ! But the software for edting is working perfectly with no time out trouble . It should be great to have another software for to upgrade the firmware of the M49 . It is not a question of USB ports because they all recognized the M49, so what is the trouble?
Best regards.
Michel -
Barcelona. Spain
name icon Balint
2011-11-09 07:45
Dear Michel,

Thank you for contacting us.
I'm sorry to hear about this issue. As far as I understand you have all the latest driver and firmware installed, which are available below, is that correct?
If yes, please let me know the model number of your motherboard and the list of applications, which give you a time out error with M49.
Thank you for your co-operation.

Best Regards,
SIMS Corp.
name icon Michel
2011-11-09 08:57
Hello again! Thanks for your kind reply. In fact the m49 works perfectly and I have been able to install the new drivers. But the  new firmware thta I also dowloaded , cannot be installed with the installer provided on your support page . When I tryto update the firmware with your software included in the same download, I get the following error: Time out ! In other words, all is ok except the fact that it is impossible to update the M49 with your new software. Have you another firmware uploader for to send to the M49 ?
I suppose that the new firmware for the M49 will improve important things , will it ?
Kind regards







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