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Name Kirill
Date 17-10-2013 (Thu)
category Deux
Link#1 Infrasonic_DEUX_Analog_2in_4out_24Bit_96kHz_IEEE1394_97346.html (Down:375)
Serial No SMK081100086
Brand Infrasonic DEUX 1394
Model Analog 2in / 4out,
Country Russia
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SIMS Corp. Infrasonic Deux AV/C Audio
When you connect a device, in the section "equipment" error. Driver is not installed: SIMS Corp. Infrasonic Deux AV/C Audio. Of course I can't use the card, because it is not seen my programs: Traktor pro, FL, use old drivers took from the installation CD, and from Your site. In advance I would be grateful for help. Win7x64.
name icon Admin
2013-10-21 06:23
Dear Kirill,

Thank you for contacting us.
I'm sorry to hear about the difficulties installing DeuX, it should work fine with the latest driver on Windows 7 x64 edition:
Please connect the audio interface to your computer and see if the red LED lights up. If it does not, there is a power supply problem. DeuX requires a 6 pin firewire 400 cable and close to 500mA at 12V DC. Some firewire interfaces are not capable of delivering sufficient current to power it up. If it does not work with an external DC power supply either, then there is a hardware failure involved. In this case please contact the place of purchase for RMA.
If the red LED lit up after connecting DeuX, please open the device manager and see if you can find a IEEE 1394 host controller. If it is not available or DeuX is recognized as a 61883 device, then the firewire interface is not properly installed. You can let Windows to update and install its driver automatically via Windows Update or let me know the model number of your motherboard in case of an on-board firewire controller or the model number of your 3rd party controller and I'll help you to find the right driver.
If the firewire interface is set up correctly, then there should be no problem installing DeuX.
I hope this helps and I shall be pleased to provide further assistance if it is required.
Thank you for your co-operation in advance.

Best Regards,
SIMS Corp.
name icon Kirill
2013-10-21 16:44
《Re》Admin 님 ,
Hello. Thank You for the answer.
I plugged in accordance with the attached instructions.
Don't know what it is, but IEEE1394 controller works. While it may be true power is not enough?
I made the video installation, DeuX. Everything is like I do and what equipment I have. I will go to the seller for a consultation, may it will tell. Watch the video, and if you find what am I doing wrong please let me know. Roller after watching, I'll delete. Windows itself is in Russian, but I think that everything will be clear. The power led shines steady, red.
Thanks in advance for helping.
name icon Balint
2013-10-23 08:21
Dear Kirill,

Thank you very much for the video, it was very very helpful. I wish everyone could shoot videos like this.
As it was expected, DeuX is recognized as a 61883 compliant device. Your PCI-E Firewire controller is based on a relatively new VIA VT6315 solution.
Please update its driver with the built-in generic Windows driver as followed:
Device Manager -> IEEE 1394 host controllers -> double click VIA 1394 OHCI Compliant Host Controller -> Driver tab -> Update driver -> Browse my computer for driver software -> Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer -> 1394 OHCI Compliant Host Controller (without VIA tag) -> Finalize driver update, uninstall DeuX driver and restart computer ->Install DeuX driver as administrator and plug in DeuX
Please, do not hesitate to contact us again should you have any further questions or comments.
Should you have any further questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us again.
Thank you for allowing us to be of service to you and I am looking forward to your feedback.

Best Regards,
SIMS Corp.
name icon Kirill
2013-10-23 19:04
《Re》Balint 님 ,
Dear Balint,
I did everything as You wrote it.
DeuX no longer recognised as 61883.
The driver is not installed. (SIMS Corp. Infrasonic Deux AV/C Audio )
If you begin to install the driver enabled DeuX, all the ends of blue screen.
Thank You for your help and I hope that the solution can find. The seller is unable to help me and just gave it to return. So the only hope for You!
Best Regards,
name icon Kirill
2013-10-23 19:39
《Re》Balint 님 ,
Dear Balint,
Once again connected Деукс and again he is determined as 61883. Screenshots attached links.
name icon Balint
2013-10-24 01:03
Dear Kirill,

Thank you for all your efforts. It seems you have installed the legacy driver. You need the 1394 OHCI Compliant Host Controller without without VIA and Legacy tag. If that does not make you allow to install DeuX properly, then I'm afraid, there's a hardware problem and an RMA will be required for the audio interface.
Thank you for allowing us to be of service to you.

Best Regards,
SIMS Corp.
name icon Kirill
2013-10-24 01:33
《Re》Balint 님 ,
Dear Balint,
I just tried many. Put all the versions of the driver, 1394 OHCI. And the driver from Your site. Once I got it and put DeuX decided audio driver, but that was a couple of seconds and then a blue screen. As soon as I get closer to install the driver in the right way, you receive a blue screen! It seems to me that there is no sense in the RMA and the equipment properly, just there is a conflict with STLab F-360!!?? RMA will lead me to the expectation of the inspection equipment is much time. So try to make something. I want tomorrow try to connect the external power supply to the DeuX, perhaps not enough power!!??If You will have any ideas, please let me know. I would be very very grateful. Thank You for your help.
Best Regards,
name icon Pavel
2015-12-27 15:32
Good day,

So, I have exactly the same problem. My Deux worked on Mac just fine, and since I don't have working Mac anymore I had to switch to PC. Bought the STLab F-360 controller, had no luck installing drivers in Windows 8.1, so I installed Windows 7 solely for Deux to work. It didn't installed properly either.with similar symptoms. Legacy drivers didn't help. I get SIMS Corp. Infrasonic Deux AV/C Audio in Device Manager and that's it.
So, what could be advised in situation like this? Should I try another PCIe controller (they are all based on VIA chipset now). Or there is a another way?

Thank you in advance.







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