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FREE (Flexible Routing Enhanced Engine) Mixer
FREE Mixer is a partented audio signal routing technology from Infrasonic that gives extreme flexibility not only between physical IOs and logical audio driver IOs but also phsical and physical or logical and logical.
FREE Mixer can be routed any signal freely that utilize the advanced driver technologies of infrasonic, which creates the sensation of interacted audio signal path etween each different audio applications at one signal PC system.
FREE Mixer is one of driver functionalities of infrasonic audio interface that doesn't require additional installation.
Currently it is available with Quartet & Duex.

Unlinke other virtual audio channel functionality, FREE Mixer can be routed from any multi sort of audio source to any multi output, which isn't really matter actual HW IO or AAsio?WDM driver IO. Here's the picture of Quartet FREE Mixer.
Basically the matrix type of FREE Mixer control panel gives easy to use and flexible signal flows. The input signal sources are able to select as HW (Physical 4ch), ASIO (Logical 8ch) and WDM (Logical 8ch) at "From" as x-axis. The output signal could be reched to signal channel as below.

The number of each matrix cell means the signal flow level, which can be controlled its volume level(0dB ~ 64dB) sophisticatedly.
The penty of virtual audio channels (up to 8ch for ASIO and WDM each) are probided with you a better signal routing ability any you DAW application at easy. As a result, FREE Mixer can be an ultimate tool for your all signal flow management during your work.




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