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How do I set the gain jumper of the Infrasonic Quartet soundcard?

Usually PCI audio interface cards do not come with a built-in microphone preamp.  Even cards that come with preamps don’t have gain adjustability, or if they do it is digitally controlled.  Digital gain adjustment will add noise to the output because the gain is increased digitally.  However, the QUARTET PCI interface has a function that allows the user to manually adjust the gain on the hardware itself, instead of digitally.

The following article is instructions on how to properly set the jumper of your new QUARTET PCI interface.  Jumper settings can be optimized to best suit your microphone and source.  Once the jumper is set, manual gain adjustments are available thru the control panel.   

If your jumper settings are not correct, you may have excessive noise and/or distortion in your recorded tracks.

Gain Amplification

Jumper Settings 
There are three different jumper options on the QUARTET (+20dB, +40dB, and +60dB).

The above image illustrates the jumper positions from left to right (+20/+40/+60dB).

You can adjust gain in control panel (0~+18dB), but it is better to adjust jumper setting than control panel setting. You will get less noise and better sound quality by adjusting jumper.

Ideal Uses for Each Jumper:

+20dB – Use when the microphone sensitivity is high and you are recording a loud source (condenser microphones) 

+40dB (Recommended setting) – Use this setting when the microphone sensitivity is average (dynamic microphones)

+60dB  - Only use this setting with microphone that have very low sensitivity/output (ribbon microphones)

Once your jumper is set in the correct location, it is possible to electronically control the gain from the control panel up to +18dB (0~+18dB).  


Pad Switch

The Pad is a switch which further reduces the gain of the microphone preamplifier.  It can be used in many situations such as when recording a high SPL source, so that your preamp does not clip.   Primarily, the pad is used with a condenser microphone (or other high sensitivity microphones) when you are recording high SPL sources such as a drum kit or loud guitar amplifier.  It is also useful when recording a dynamic/ribbon microphone at very close proximities.  

The PAD with -20dB three thing 20dB (about 10 boats) degree input of big level clip Ping it will be able to record without because is becoming.

The image on the left is the pad on; and the right side is Pad off.  The QUARTET is delivered from our factory with the pad engaged.

It is recommended to change the pad jumper settings to take advantage of your Quartet.  It can often times correct a shortage of gain when using a dynamic microphone or sensitivity problems when you use condenser microphones.

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