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How do I use Phantom Power with the Infrasonic Quartet souncard?
Use caution when plugging in your microphone to the Quartet
TRS JackTRS Jack (above)
  1. Sleeve
  2. Ring
  3. Tip
  4. Insulating rings
Please follow the instructions and proceed carefully. If you do not follow the instructions, the product could be critically damaged.
You must turn off the system before making any connection change to the microphone. If not, it could cause a fire or electric shock that may be harmful to you and your product.
Turn off your computer before you connect the microphone to Quartet. Make sure the microphone is plugged in properly before you turn your system back on. If you connect the microphone when the system power is on, it may cause electric shock that ccould damage the QUARTET critically.
The QUARTET is a PCI card interface with no XLR input. To use a microphone with a XLR plug, you can use TRS 1/4" converter jack. Since the TRS jack contains the tip, ring, and sleeve parts linearly, it may cause electric shock or short circuit if you connect/disconnect it while the system power is on.

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