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Musikk Praksis

Feb. 2009: “This is the model that is definitely worth your money, but you can only appreciate this kind of equipment if you’re running your own studio with a professional outlook and goal. Sonically, they have a very detailed and natural resolution in frequency range and good dynamics between the bass, the tone and treble. Bottom line, this is as real and natural that you can get; to the very tone. This is one of the few speakers which sings to my ears, the most musical and pure sounds. Even if you bought this product out of whim, you probably won’t regret it.” Video Review

3dGameMan Kickass Award 01.07.2009: The Infrasonic BLOW5D is a shielded, powered near-field studio monitor speaker and features a two-way, bi-amplifier design to achieve high quality sound. Frequency response is broadened downward by a bass reflex system and broadened upward by a natural silk dome tweeter for delicate signal reproduction. Enclosure design contributes to the broad frequency response. Watch the video to find out more...

Beat Magazine

01.2009: Review of Blow5 in Germany's Beat Magazine. Awarded 5 out of 6 stars.

Key Magazine

10.30.2008: Key Magazine review of Blow4D, in German: "well-equipped, digital nearfield monitors in an affordable price range...."

SoundMaker Magazine

June 2008: SoundMaker Magazine, from Greece, gives BLOW5D cover-treatment, as well as a 3-page review. According to the review (written in Greek), "Blow 5D is a very good speaker in its category. Suitable for home studios and DAW. Good value for money." The review went on to say that BLOW5D provides "good sound in general," is "fully equipped in digital field," comes at an "affordable price," and features "good design."
Full Review (4 Mb PDF, in Greek)

Harmony Central

11.30.07: With their compact size, innovative features, and high quality sound, the BLOW5Ds are a perfect match for any studio environment.
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Beat Magazine

02.2009: "Clean혻sound,혻frequency혻response혻and혻flawless혻super혻fair혻price.혻Full혻score.혻Buy!"

Keys Magazine

10.2008: Keys Magazine Review of Infrasonic Amon USB Audio Interface and DeuX Firewire Audio Interface, in German.
Full Review (1.7Mb, in German)

10.2008: Russia's leading review site, iXBT, puts the Infrasonic Deux through its paces, in Russian. User Review: 4 out of 5 Stars

01.31.08: The (INFRASONIC DeuX) unit itself works great!! It has RCA jacks for input and output, so you don't need to use headphone jack adaptors and can use real audio cables. The USB cable is long enough to put this unit near the stereo, so you can use shorter audio cables. I didn't have to turn up the volume on my stereo to match the sound level of my other components, like I have to do with any other USB adaptor /sound card I've tried. This unit is designed for connecting to a stereo from the get-go. The sound quality is excellent. I recorded some tracks off of a record (vinyl) using Audacity. There was very little difference when I played the sound back. I then did the same for a CD (played on a Denon CD player). Apart from the sound being slightly softer, there was very little difference (maybe a little more than with vinyl, loud sounds were a little thin, but I was probably overloading the unit). I then played a CD on the Denon, and the same MP3 on Itunes and switched between them. Very little difference (and this is a CD versus a 256bit mp3). Actually at times I can't tell what I'm listening to....
Full Review

Beat Magazine

01.2009: "...a reliable interface for the road." Video Review: 4 out of 5

3dGameMan Kickass Award 10.20.2008: If you ever tried to use a professional microphone on a computer you know how frustrating it is.... You need a preamp to make it work properly or a product like the Infrasonic Amon USB 2.0 Audio Interface.

Keys Magazine

Keys Magazine Review of Infrasonic Amon USB Audio Interface and DeuX Firewire Audio Interface, in German.
Full Review (1.7Mb, in German)

PC MIDI Center

06.02.2008: PC MIDI Center has released an INFRASONIC Amon Review in Spanish. Here is a link to the original review:
For translation in your language, use Google translator.
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PC.COM Recommended Award, Score: 8/10

April 2008: Portable unit provides excellent sound quality at a reasonable price.
If you need a great audio interface for portable recording, check out the infrasonic Amon USB Audio Interface. It is fully USB-powered so you don't have to haul around power cables or bricks. For its A/D converter, the device has a claimed signal-to-noise ratio of 102 db at 48 kHz which results in excellent sound quality. Encased in heavy-duty aluminum, the Amon features a high-quality microphone preamp, a line/HiZ input with gain control, two RCA input jacks, two RCA output jacks and MIDI I/O. The device supports up to 24-bit/96kHz, ASIO (Audio Stream Input Output) 2.0 MME, DirectSound, and Core Audio. The Amon also supports zero latency direct hardware monitoring, which means you can hear exactly what is coming from the recording source. All these features, and its small size make the Amon ideal for location recording. Plus, you can hook up a variety of devices to it, including studio monitors, master keyboards, and many instruments. The package includes demo copies of Native Instruments Absynth 4, Massive, and Traktor 3 software. However, only Windows drivers are included on the CD. The Amon Audio interface is versatile, usable on-location or in a studio, plus provides great sound quality at a reasonable price. Value: 4/5; Performance 4/5; Features 4/5
Note: Amon driver for Mac available as of May 2008
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Beat Magazine, Dec Issue

12:2008: Beat Magazine review of Infrasonic Quartet PCI Audio Interface, in German.
Full Review (1.2Mb PDF, in German)

Beat Magazine, Nov Issue

11:2008: Beat Magazine review of Infrasonic Quartet PCI Audio Interface, in German.
Full Review (1.6Mb PDF, in German)


09.24.08: This sound card (INFRASONIC Quartet) works with most audio recording and producing software. I currently use both Nuendo and Sound Forge with the Infrasonic Quartet sound card. Overall, the sound card is amazing. The quality is rock solid. The user control panel is also fairly easy to use and tune...
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11.30.2007: The INFRASONIC Quartet PCI recording interface is a 4X4 audio interface with a plethora of professional features.
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11.27.07: INFRASONIC Quartet is a very interesting card with a good market potential. It's inexpensive and functional and will be an optimal solution for many users, who want a device for (less than) $200.
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03.2009: Russia's leading review site, iXBT, puts the Primus a25 through its paces, in Russian.

SoundMaker Magazine

Sept.2008: SoundMaker Magazine, from Greece, calls the Primus a25 Keyboard / Controller a good choice for anyone whose priority is portability and stable functionality. A good solution for music creation when performing live, while traveling or even when on vacation.
- Positives: Stability, Low Latency, USB Powered, All-in-One Portability
- Negatives: None
Full Review (230 Kb PDF, in Greek)

Infrasonic Customer Review

02.24.08: Just thought I'd drop you a line to let you know that the Primus keyboard has turned out to be a great little piece of equipment. I haven셳 really ventured into the midi controller stuff yet at this stage I셫 just using the audio interface to record into a cool program I bought from the Rock Shop called "Steinberg SEQUEL." I can record guitars and vocals via the audio interface and also use it to play in midi instruments eg drums, keyboards. The USB power makes it very handy as I can use it with my laptop and not need any power. One hint you may want to pass on (certainly concerning Sequel anyway) is that you have to have the USB keyboard plugged in and turned on before you open the recording software. Anyway, I thoroughly recommend this product. I셫 sure it would be great for use with Garageband and other programs like that.
Nigel, New Zealand

Harmony Central

11.30.07: The size is compact enough to allow complete portability so it is ideal for studio or location recording work.
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GrooveKorea Review

GrooveKorea Review April 2009 issue, page 16. Groove Korea reviews the the Infrasonic UFO USB Microphone:
"We have all had musical or lyrical thoughts, but how do you record them without having some over-complicated recorder or hard to understand interface? Enter the UFO - USB microphone. This standalone mic is all you need to record those inspirational ideas to your Mac or PC with ease of use and very good quality."

01.2009: Russia's leading review site, iXBT, puts the UFO Microphone through its paces, in Russian.

Beat Magazine Review

12:2008: Review of the UFO USB Microphone in Beat Magazine.
Full Review (800k PDF, in German)

Keys Magazine Review

12:2008: Review of the UFO USB Microphone in Keys Magazine.
Full Review (1.5Mb PDF, in German) Video Review: 5 out of 5

3dGameMan 100% Kickass Award 10:21:08: "A Kick-Ass Product".
The JamMate UFO USB Phantom Microphone is a unique product because the JamMate UFO is an "All-in-one" solution that includes both the "Audio Interface" and a "Phantom powered microphone." It essentially eliminates the need for a pro microphone and a preamp. Be sure to check out this video and hear the clarity of this microphone, it's amazing!

Guru3D Top Pick

Guru3D Top Pick Award 06.18.2009: The Windy 6 Firewire interface offers many tools for the home studio artist or mixer. Considering the card has 6 output and 6 inputs with Pre-amps and gain controls on two, phantom power Neutrik connectors, balanced output, Coax digital and dual channel inserts the Windy 6 is very versatile and inexpensive audio interface..... Infrasonic packed a great deal of features and audio muscle into this compact interface and all for a great price. We had a great time recording tracks and working with the interface, all features were simple to find and easy to use.

Beat Magazine

05.2009: Infrasonic Windy6 Rated 5 our of 6 by Germany's Beat Magazine. Praised for "flawless sound."

  • Full Review (149 Kb PDF, computer-translated from German to English)

03.2009: Russia's leading review site, iXBT, puts the Infrasonic Windy6 through its paces, in Russian.


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