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- Blow 5
- Blow5D
- Blow 5# [sharp]
- Blow 4
- Blow4D
- Blow4# [sharp]
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- Windy6
USB Audio Interfaces
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- M49 USB Midi Controller
- UFO# [sharp]

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Technology in BLOW Speakers

1. Power Amplifier

a. Power Amplifier Module    

Fig 1. The Power Amp BLOW5(Left) AND BLOW4(Right)
The power amplifier is specially designed for blow series.
We choose to use power amplifier designed and developed by INFRASONIC.
The toroidal transformer specially designed for Blow Series. Toroidal power transformer is generally assembled in Hi-Fi monitoring speakers. From this toroidal power transformer allows all Blow series to have large capacity and high output drive.
Fig 2. Specially designed toroidal power transformer, large
capacity and power transistor for high output driver.
b. Complete Circuit Protection    

Fig 3. Buffer Transistor Parts


The ultra noise buffer transistors minimize noises extremely that commonly equipped to all BLOW series.

1. Over-current limit circuit' for Trans protection
2. Over-load protections' for unit protection
3. DC protection' for unit protection
4. LF-Amplifier Soft Limit Circuit'
5. 'Power Monitoring Protection' for monitoring power voltage


2. Pre Amplifier

a. 5th order active cross-over networks   b. Acoustic System Compensation.

Fig 4. The Pre Amp BLOW5(Left) AND BLOW4(Right)
Generally High order active cross-over networks used minimized cross over filter/notch to reduce sound interference phenomenon between tweeter and woofer.

Fig 5. BLOW5/5D Frequency response courses with its acoustic compensation control
Minimize physical problem in acoustic system electronically.
Flatten frequency response keeps as far as user wants.


Fig 6. User response controls on BLOW Series back panel.

c. User Response Controls - detailed simulations

  • HF Tilt Control
    It's adapted the frequency response to the dampening characteristics of the control room(+2dB/-2dB).
  • Room Control
    It allows users to lower the bass range depending on the room acoustics.(-4dB/-2dB/0).
  • Low Cut Frequency control
    Adjust the bass roll-off in a multi-channel surround system or to balance your room resonance. It is able to select the lowest response frequency (100Hz/80Hz/Flat).


3. System

a. DA-912 PLUS Digital Module (Optional)    

Fig 7. Close Look of DA-912 PLUS

DA-912 PLUS can be equipped to both BLOW4 and BLOW5 commonly and it is optional item. But BLOW4D and 5D already have DA-912 PLUS for preminum sound quality (192 kHz, 24-bit, 123 dB Dynamic Range available).


Fig 8. The inside of Cabinet
b. Isolated Cabinet
To deliver perfect acoustic sound, BLOW Cabinet is completely isolated between electric and acoustic parts.
The additional shields at inside of cabinet let speakers are working without any resonance interference.

Fig 9. Slot Type Front Duct
c. Slotted Font duct
Many active monitors are rear duct type that should require somwhat additional room for bass reflection. But most home recording system user doesn't have good enough space for that room. So BLOW series speakers are having slotted front duck to be optimal small and jammed space.

Fig 10. Module Typed Rear Panel
d. Isolate Module Type
Infrasonic designed Blow series speaker as module type due to make available various functional options. The first one is DA-912 PLUS and new options keep release later.

Fig 11. LED Logo Indicator
e. Illuminant LED logo
The LED logo at the front panel gives you beautiful look and it works as system status indicator. It turns RED Blinking When sound is clipped and WHITE blinking when S/PDIF synchronization is lost from master clock source. All these indicator functions are operated with various protecting system that mentioned earlier.



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