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Infrasonic UFO# USB Powered Condenser Microphone
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The world's lowest- latency USB Mic.

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All you need is UFO
The UFO# is a condenser Microphone including built-in Phantom power supply, USB powered pre-amp and USB audio interface in one-single device. It provides professional studio sound quality with large sized diaphragm (1" Gold plated). Even, adjustable PAD and Low frequency cut filter bring you more flexibilities.

The world's lowest-latency allows full real-time monitoring at any application from Infrasonic custom driver technology(1ms).
Now you can simply connectUFO# to your computer and just record your sound.

UFO# is Ideal for followings.

    Vocal recording
    Be a vocal!
    You can record your voice, narration and more! You will love your voice!

    Instrument recording
    Be a musician!
    You can record your guitar, bass and piano sounds. You can be more creative musician with UFO#

    Pod casting, Broadcasting
    Be a caster!
    You can have your own podcasting center. You can be a more popular pod caster with UFO#

    -The USB powered condenser microphone
    -The world's lowest-latency response from custom driver technology (1ms)
    -Plug into any computer's USB port
    -3.5 mm TRS (Stereo) mini phone jack for both headphone and line out
    -Cardioids polar pattern
    -Flat frequency response
    -Adjustable the input gain by -15dB.
    -Low frequency cut filter switch at 75 Hz cut off
    -PAD switch: Selectable between 0 dB and -10 dB
    -Included in the package is a microphone mount, pouch, plastic case, USB cable and installation CD.
    -UFO USB mic supports both Windows® and Macintosh operating systems.



UFO# USB Microphonein shockmount (available separately). Click to enlarge.


JamMate Primus

In-depth Features

      -Pre Amp Attenuation Control: -15 dB ~ 0 dB
      You can control the input sound (your voice) level with Pre-amp gain controller if it is too loud and clipped. Please open the cover of UFO# then tweaking the knob as you want to set. The factory default is set at 0 dB.

      -PAD control (-10 dB and 0 dB)
      Unlike Pre amp gain control, PAD can be set the output level of UFO#. It is able to switch between -10 dB and 0 dB on the body surface. If you need to reduce the output level of UFO# to avoid speaker damage or clipping, just set it at -10 dB.

      -Low Frequency Cut (75 Hz)
      When you record your voice or instrument, the noise comes easily to low frequency during the recording. Low Frequency Cut switch removes such noise simply. And it provides easy EQing to simply cut the low frequency in order to make the sound brighter. Just select the cut off frequency on the UFO# body surface for better sound.

Control Panel

Infrasonic UFO#

    -Monitor ON and OFF
    -Level Faders(Input, Waveout, Master)
    -Channel LINK and MUTE
    -Latency configuration(1ms ~ 10ms)

Hook Up

Infrasonic UFO#


Infrasonic UFO#

UFO# Dimension Weight
Product 50x190x33 mm 0.44 kg
Packge Box 264x180x82 mm 1.22 kg
Option Item(Accessories)


Minimum System Requirements


Intel Pentium 4 or equivalent and compatible CPU
Motherboard with chipset supporting the
Intel Pentium 4
256MB of RAM
One available USB port
Microsoft Windows® XP or later


Macintosh with G4 or better processor
256MB of RAM
One available USB port
Mac OS 10.3 or later

    -Polar Pattern: Cardoids
    -Sensitivity of Microphone: (1kHz) 30mV / 1Pa (94dB) SPL
    -Noise Level: 4uV
    -HP/Line Amp Output Impedance: < 2 ohm
    -Load Impedance of Headphone: 30 - 300 ohm
    -Resolution of Digital Parts: 16 bit
    -Sample Rates of Digital Parts: 44.1 kHz and 48 kHz

Infrasonic UFO#

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