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PC.COM Recommended Award, Score: 8/10
April 2008: Portable unit provides excellent sound quality at a reasonable price. 
If you need a great audio interface for portable recording, check out the infrasonic Amon USB Audio Interface. It is fully USB-powered so you don't have to haul around power cables or bricks. For its A/D converter, the device has a claimed signal-to-noise ratio of 102 db at 48 kHz which results in excellent sound quality. Encased in heavy-duty aluminum, the Amon features a high-quality microphone preamp, a line/HiZ input with gain control, two RCA input jacks, two RCA output jacks and MIDI I/O. The device supports up to 24-bit/96kHz, ASIO (Audio Stream Input Output) 2.0 MME, DirectSound, and Core Audio. The Amon also supports zero latency direct hardware monitoring, which means you can hear exactly what is coming from the recording source. All these features, and its small size make the Amon ideal for location recording. Plus, you can hook up a variety of devices to it, including studio monitors, master keyboards, and many instruments. The package includes demo copies of Native Instruments Absynth 4, Massive, and Traktor 3 software. However, only Windows drivers are included on the CD. The Amon Audio interface is versatile, usable on-location or in a studio, plus provides great sound quality at a reasonable price. Value: 4/5; Performance 4/5; Features 4/5
Note: Amon driver for Mac available as of May 2008 
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