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Name Michael Lenz
Date 01-09-2017 (Fri)
category Quartet
Serial No QTC13B0265BLK
Brand Infrasonic
Model Quartet
Country Germany
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Quartet Driver for Windows 10-64 distorted output

i use two infrasonic Quartet (QTC13B0265BLK and SMC090900329, only one at a time)). I'm really happy with this devices for hardware quality and the possibilities of routing the signals.
The actual driver is 1.25.04, Computer is a Intel i7-6700 with 16 GM RAM, Windows 10-64 professional.

The first card produces from time to time some distortion and crackeling. After restarting the computer, sometimes this effect was gone, sometimes not.
So i bought a second card  - same problem.

The effect is independent from any source, all inputs and all outputs arte concerned. Other sound devices in the computer (intel skylake PCH-H and nvidia virtual audio device are) deactivated. Input and output levels are ok, different sognal routing options - even pretty simple ones - make no difference.
I've read about problems with wlan drivers, but the computer does'nt have wlan.
As exactly the same problem exists with both cards, i suspect a driver problem.

As far as i can see, the quartet is still the actual product, but the latest driver is more than 4 1/2 years old and not specified for the actual operating system Windows 10.  Is there a way to solve the problems?

Thanks and best regards


P.S. The field "e-mail" in the form seems only to accept a pretty limited number of characters, so i had to choose my shortest email adress ;)

edit: after some research i think, that infrasonic/sims-audio does'nt exist anymore? This would explain the lack of new drivers and of answers to open support tickets. I hope i'm wrong.
name icon PJay
2019-09-19 03:48

I have the same problem too :(







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