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I have a BLOW5D connected to the Quartet. the audio from an analog input seems "warmer" than a digital source, yet the frequency response is different. How can I set the BLOW5D for flat frequency response without too much emphasis on low frequencies, bu
BLOW5D has excellent Digital/Analog converters so you should try connecting them digitally to achieve the highest resolution sound. What is commonly called a "warm" frequency response is usually bad transient response ( See Wikipedia ). You should decide what would you like at home: detailed studio sound, or nice "hi-fi" sound.
Try connecting the speakers both ways. When you are working, you probably use the monitors with the digital input. When you listen to music for pleasure, you can enjoy warmer audio by using the the analog inputs.
Note that the BLOW5D is greatly adjustable to your room acoustics via the Room Control dip switches on the back of the monitors . If you place the speakers close to the wall or in a corner, you will hear too high a low frequency level (view example).
The Room Compensation Control allows you to decrease the bass range depending on the room acoustics.
You can select the switch to reduce low frequency level in 3 steps of -2dB below 500 Hz..
The following graph shows how Room Compensation Control affects the response of the speakers:
Room Compensation Control GraphIf you are unsure which is the best setting, you can listen to the bass response with a freeware signal generator.
Set the switches to 0dB and flat. Start listening from 500 Hz. Continue listening down to 50 Hz and if you don’t find any louder or quieter frequency range, then your frequency response is approximately flat.

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