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RMA for SIMS Products

Return Merchandise Authorization

SIMS Audio products are reliable. Most problems can be resolved by checking the FAQ, Driver Updates, or requesting help via the Support Desk. But if you do need warranty service, the steps below are intended to get you back in tune.

RMA Procedure

  1. Request the RMA form by placing a support ticket or by email.
    • In the support desk, select RMA Request in the drop-down menu.
    • Please mention your location to help us determine the closest mailing address for you..
  2. Fill in the form and send it to us in one of the following ways:
    • Send by fax to the Fax number you receive from us by email, or
    • Scan the form and email it to us.
  3. We will generate an RMA number for you and inform you of it by e-mail.
  4. Send your package...
    • Write your RMA number on the outside of the package.
    • Send your sound card to the address we specify in the email.
    • Be careful to use the correct postage and consider ensuring the package for the value of the product.
  5. Upon receipt of your sound card...
    • We will verify that the condition of the product conforms to the terms of the warranty
    • Assuming that your warranty coverage applies, we will ship a replacement product to you.

Rev: 10-06-2008


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