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M49 USB MIDI Controller Equipped with 49 keys
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Your Ultimate Tool for Complete Control

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Infrasonic M49 is the ultimate tool for your sound creation with various controllers and easy operation. M49 freely maps eight knobs to popular DAWs and software instruments. The circled LED turns on with  each tweak, giving you more of a distinguished sense of control.

Key Features
  • 49 key velocity sensitive USB MIDI controller
  • 8 assignable MIDI controller knobs
  • 3 digit 7 segment LED display
  • Fully assignable X-Y pad
  • Fully assignable joy stick
  • 1 assignable MIDI controlling slider
  • Transport control buttons and assignable jog wheel
  • Sustain pedal jack
  • USB 2.0 bus powered
  • M49 Editing Software - For Customizing Functionality
  • Multi-client MIDI Driver - For Multiple Virtual MIDI ports
In-depth Features

    49 note - keys
    Enjoy the feel and response of these speed sensitive keys. Use up to six velocity curves for sophisticated play and sound.


    x-y pad

    The x-y pad is capable of pitch bend and other modifications only by simply touching and dragging with your finger. You can freely assign different functions to your software.



    Independently assign the x and y axis of the vector control joystick. Use it as a USB mouse to navigate through your software for on-the-fly computer access.


    8 controller knobs

    M49 freely maps 8 knobs to popular DAWs and software instruments. The circle LED turns on with each tweak, giving you more of a distinguished sense of control.


    Transport Panel

    A full transport panel enables you to take control of your music software (Cubase, Logic and Reason, etc) and track navigation combined with the user셲 MIDI controller assignment.


    Group Changing Indicator
    The knob system provides state-of-the-art technology which allows the user to assign each knob multiple functions provided within the included programs. While using this function, the user may switch between different group assignments. This can conflict with the control signal transmission functionality, so weve added a special feature to our M49 product.

M49 Editting Software

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Infrasonic's M49 comes with its own software in the packaging. In here, you can modify different options for your controller. Everything is modifiable; i.e. setting the joystick into mouse mode or joystick mode(x-y axis control). Using M49 Editing software, you can edit the parameter settings of your M49 controller through a Windows or Mac OS X computer.
These parameter settings can be saved and recalled (loaded) as scene data on the computer, and then transmitted to (or received form) the M49 controller itself.

  Opens the PREFERENCE settings dialog box

  Loads a scene data file that you had previously saved

  Saves the current settings in the M49 S/W as a scene data file

  Receives the scene data from the M49 controller keyboard

  Transmits the current scene data in the M49

  Opens Infrasonic website (Windows only)



M49 Introduction (above).


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Package Contents

- USB cable

- CD incld.
   Manual, M49 Editting Software, Multi-client MIDI Driver (Win. Only)

- Quick Start Guide
   In English, German, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Korean, Japanese & Chinese.

Product packaging and specifications subject to change without prior notice.

Minimum System Requirements


Intel Pentium 4 or equivalent and compatible CPU
512MB of RAM
One Available USB port
Microsoft Windows® XP/VISTA or later


Macintosh with G4 or better processor
512MB of RAM
One available USB port
Mac OS X 10.3 or later

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