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Infrasonic BLOW4# Studio Monitor
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Uncolored Frequency Reproduction. Digital and Analog Input.
Adjustments for Room Acoustics. 55-Watts of Mind Blowing Audio.

powered near-field studio monitoring speaker features a two-way,
bi-amplifier designed to achieve high quality sound. The frequency response is
broadened upward by a natureal silk dome tweeter. Together they provide a very
delicate signal reproduction. The speaker's wide range frequency response is backed
up by its enclosure design. The analog input connector provides for an XLR balanced
input and a TRS 1/4" phone jack forbalanced or unballanced inputs.

24-bit, 192KHz, 123dB, DA Converter
The BLOW series also features DA-912 interface module.
DA-912 PLUS can connect various digital inputs such as AEU/EBU(XLR), S/PDIF(Coaxial) and Coaxial through its connector.
The D/A converter in the DA-912 PLUS supports up to 24-bit/192kHz sample format with 123dB dynamic range. DA-912 PLUS upgrade
available for optional purchase.

Cross - Section of BLOW#
Blow4# contains various components in itself to deliver perfect sound quality. The enclosure is divided completely by the high density MDF wall to remove resonance interference from electric parts room. And it features lots of built-in circuit such as power amp, pre amp, DA convertor and room acoustic control in the rear panel.

Key Features
BLOW4# includes two individual amps which are connected to both the woofer and tweeter for
better quality sound reproduction through a wide range frequency.
5th Order (-30 dB/oct) Active Crossover
For ideal frequency response from overlapping, BLOW4# features a steep slope that dramatically reduces peak / notch.
Room Acoustic Configuration
H.F Tilt, Room Control and Low Cut off Filters are able to make your perfect sound monitoring environment.
Safe Power On/Off
The mechanical relays are placed between the power amp and speaker to avoid any the pop noises while you turn the BLOW4# on and off. It셲 greatly helpful for tweeter and woofer protection.
Circuit Protection
BLOW4# includes various circuits to protect the amps and speakers.
Over-current limit circuit, Over-load protections, DC protection, LF-Amplifier Soft Limit Circuit, Power Monitoring Protection.
Isolated Cabinet
To deliver the perfect acoustic environment, the cabinet is completely isolated from both the electric parts and heat sink in the rear. The additional shields inside of the cabinet lets the speakers work without any resonance and electric interference.
Built-in High Quality DA Converter (DA-912 PLUS PLUS)
- Optional Upgrade available
It Supports AES/EBU(AES3) and S/PDIF 192 kHz with 24-bit and 123 dB dynamic Range available.

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Units per Package

  • One speakrs


  • 2-way bass-reflex bi-amplified 4 inch near field studio monitor
  • Flat frequency response (+/- 1.5 dB, 73 Hz to 20 kHz) and wide pass-band
    frequency (62Hz ~ 22kHz)
  • 55 watt (25 watt HF and 30 watt LF) power amplifiers with servo-loop and
    perfect protections.
  • 0.75" natural silk dome High frequency transducer
  • 4" Polymer coated paper fiber cone low frequency transducer
  • Full magnetic shielded enclosure and independent amplifier room
  • XLR and 1/4"TRS phone jack balanced/unbalanced inputs
  • EASC (Enhanced Acoustic System Compensation) Technology
  • Input sensitivity control
  • High frequency 3-step tilt controls switch
  • Acoustic space control switch
  • Bass cut-off frequency control switch
  • 4th order active crossover network
  • Front Illuminant Logo lamp and protection indicator
  • High-strength cabinet constructed MDF composite with radius edges

DA-912 PLUS Digital Interface Module

  • XLR for AES/EBU and RCA for S/PDIF coaxial/optical digital inputs
  • RCA thru out port for stereo
  • 24-bit digital input with up to 192kHz sample-rate
  • High-end 24-bit/192kHz D/A converter with 123dB dynamic range
  • XLR/RCA source and Left/Right channel selection switch
  • COAXIAL / OPTICAL source selection switch

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